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Hand&Soul Box

69€ Special Launch Prices!

59 €

Receive a hand-picked selection of local food from around the world. About 5 products will knock at your door every month to guide you through a journey across cultures.

Explorer Plan


3 Months Subscription
  • Instead of 199€
  • Ships Every Month
  • Free 48H Shipping Included
  • Ships to France Only
  • One Time Fee

Gourmet PlanBest Value


6 Months Subscription
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  • Ships Every Month
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  • Ships to France Only
  • One Time Fee

Premium Quality

We partner with some of the best cooperatives worldwide to give birth to the finest products just for you.

Authentic Production

Most of our products are handmade following traditional methods of production from one generation to the next.

Empowering Villages

Communities in rural areas are directly benefiting from the magnitude of this project.

Monthly Renewed

We select new products every month and concoct a unique combination for an immersive experience.

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69€ Special Launch Prices!

59 €

Our products are genuinely selected from local artisans, carrying avid stories with incredible know-how transmitted from generation to generation.

Immersive experience into the world’s culture. Receive the fruit of traditional expertise that give birth to incredibly delicious products made with passion for years! Every month, a new selection is brought you from artisans of the world. Our gourmet boxes include a variety of high end products such as: Gastronomic Argane oil, Amlou, different categories, Jams, Sugar, Fleur de Sel, Honeys, Spices, a wide selection of teas and coffees from around the globe. Our gourmet boxes are designed to guide you through a sensorial journey featuring tea or coffee, spreads but also some cooking components to discover the world’s cuisine. Let’s explore the world together!

International Foodie Experience

What’s Inside?

Gourmet Selection of Delicious Treats.

Inside every box, we offer around 5 delightful essentials featuring herbal tea or single origin coffee to enjoy with some spreads like fresh jam, thrilling amlou, or sensational honey. Gastronomic Argane oil, spices, fleur de sel and other cooking elements supplement the selection for you to explore different cuisines.

Smiley face Yellow Spice M’Hamer
Smiley face Orange Peel Roasted Sugar
Smiley face Moroccan Nights Green Tea
Smiley face Beldi Lemons From Marrakech
Smiley face Argane Gastronomic Oil
Traditional Style of Production

Authentic Taste.

Feel the Delicacy of Artisanal Food.

Our products are directly sourced from artisans around the globe, embodying antique manual techniques of production and providing final products that voice their expertise and passion for years now.

The World at your Fingertip

A Perfect Gift.

Leave a Memorable Experience.

Our gourmet boxes are filled with your favorite eats and treats mostly cultivated in the most magnificent places on earth. Inspiring greatness, travel and spreading folklore, your loved ones will enjoy every bite.

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