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Hand&Soul Box.

From artisans of the world to your doorstep

A gourmet selection of unique products from around the globe, delivered to your doorstep every month. Discover the world like you never had before!


Explore the World with our Gourmet Box!

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Receive a hand-picked selection of local food from around the world. About 5 products will knock at your door every month to guide you through a journey across cultures. Our products are genuinely selected from local artisans, carrying avid stories with incredible know-how transmitted from generation to generation.

Free shipping on all boxes.

Every month, a new selection is brought to you from artisans of the world. Our gourmet boxes include a variety of high end products such as: Gastronomic Argane oil, Amlou, different categories, Jams, Sugar, Fleur de Sel, Honeys, Spices, a wide selection of teas and coffees from around the globe.

Free shipping on all boxes.

Our gourmet boxes are designed to guide you through a sensorial journey featuring tea or coffee, spreads and other ready to use products, and cooking components to dive into the world’s cuisine.

Tea selection

A curated selection of the finest teas, a new taste every month.

Exceptional choice of herbal drinks

We offer a wide range of teas and herbal infusions featuring green, black, and white tea. Accompanying these leaves, we add some flavors that go amazingly well with the country of origin of the tea.

Aside from its various benefits, tea is an incredibly special way to enjoy a cozy moment with friends or family.

Exclusive Coffees

A curated selection of the Freshest & Finest Coffees, a new origin every month.

Single Origin Beans

We offer multiple single origin coffees from around the globe. Our coffees grow in mountain regions from 300m up to 1900m in Africa, Asia, and South America.

Brewing such exclusive coffees will awaken fantastic sensorial feelings, translating flavors of the world and providing the right dose of caffeine to take on big things.